Meet our Senators-At-Large!

From left: Jerry Mi, Lexi Duncan, Sasha Galbreath (VP), Chaney Schultz, and Tzvi Glazer
In addition to Senators, there are four Senator-At-Large (SAL) positions within our general Senate assembly. These are individuals who are appointed by the President and Vice President and have shown tremendous participation and leadership during Senate meetings. Responsibilities often include chairing one of the five Senate committees, presenting committee reports in front of the Senate body, and assisting in bringing new resolutions to the Senate floor. SALs are also direct liaisons between the Senate body and the Executive Board.

Lexi Duncan

Favorite Part of RHA: "Being part of an organization that makes real, positive changes on campus."
Year of Graduation: 2019
Jerry Mi
Majors: Microbiology
Catchphrase: "I don't know, Steve probably knows."
Favorite Part of RHA: "STEVE CHEN!!!! But on a more serious note, seeing policy that RHA is involved in being implemented."                
Year of Graduation: 2019

Chaney Schultz
Majors: Management
Catchphrase: "It's called anytime dining."
Favorite Part of RHA:
Year of Graduation: 2018


Tzvi Glazer
Majors: Government & Politics and Sociology Double Major
Catchphrase: "Much obliged."
Favorite Part of RHA: "I like being in Senate discussing policy and seeing things get done and having an impact."
Year of Graduation: 2018


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