Four Senators-At-Large (SALs) also preside over the RHA Senate and represent the campus as a whole. They are appointed by the Vice President and are direct liaisons between the RHA Senate and the Executive Board. 

Meet the 2017-2018 SALs:
Rachel Hanrahan
Hometown: Mahopac, NY
Majors: Economics, Government & Politics
Graduation year: 2020
Hall-ma mater: North Hill
Favorite part of RHA:
Learning about the university on a deeper level, and using that knowledge to create a better experience for residents."

Dan Laffin
Hometown: Mansfield, MA
Majors: Government & Politics, Economics
Graduation year: 2020
Hall-ma mater: Cumberland
Favorite part of RHA: "SENATE."


Ben Reichard
Hometown: Mountain Lake Park, MD
Major: Government & Politics 
Graduation year: 2019
Hall-ma mater: Hagerstown
Favorite part of RHA: "I love Senate procedure and debate - it's a formal and respectful process, but still creates thought-provoking discussion."

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