Just as every residence hall on campus has its own hall or area council, the RHA also has its own general-body assembly: Senate. Representatives from each council meet bimonthly to discuss issues of importance to constituents and pass campus-level legislation.

Representatives, or Senators, are elected at the beginning of the school year by their peers. Every Senator joins one of five different committees, allowing these students to maintain contact with the directors of Resident Life, Residential Facilities, Dining Services, Transportation Services, and Sustainability.

Senators are responsible for attending Senate meetings in addition to biweekly committee meetings. Senators-at-Large (SALs) often lead these committee meetings and are appointed by the Vice President. Senators are also responsible for updating their respective hall or area councils on recent campus initiatives during weekly council meetings.

Although the position of Senator requires more time than other council positions, the rewards are great as Senators engage with high ranking on-campus officials and represent their fellow peers on the campus level!

Contact our Vice President with any Senate-related inquiries.

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