One of RHA’s core values is recognition. Our dedication to recognition is reflected in our Liter of the Week award during Senate, OTM nominations, and the HOTS competition. A monthly recognition practice is our “Hall Council Highlight.” This award recognizes the work that a specific hall/area council has done for the RHA community. Some factors include Senate attendance, attendance at other hall/area council’s events, RHA-wide event presence, visits to executive board office hours, events hosted for constituents, and participation in conferences, among other factors. 

For the Winter edition of Hall Council Highlight, we have decided to recognize Centreville Hall Council for their exceptional work during the months of December and January. From winning the Spring Leadership Training Day Council Case Study and chairing the North Campus Carnival Planning Committee, Centreville Hall Council's participating and commitment to RHA is unquestionable and we look forward to seeing what awesome things Centreville does next!
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