Hall/Area Councils:
The Hall and Area Councils across campus are directly responsible for planning and programming events for residents living in their respective communities.  Each residence hall or area council on campus is composed of students from their respective communities, and council members are elected by their peers at the beginning of the school year. 
On North Campus, there are 9 individual residence halls each with their own Hall Councils, and one area council (BCC) representing three smaller residence halls. On South Campus, there are two area councils, South Hill Area Council (SHAC) and North Hill Area Council (NHAC), each representing over 10 smaller residence halls. Additionally, there are 3 other on-campus communities with area councils: the Courtyards Apartments, South Campus Commons and Leonardtown Apartments.
Within each of these hall/area councils are many positions, ranging from Council President to Floor Representative, all of whom represent their residents in one way or another. Council
members meet once a week to discuss a variety of topics, often planning their next social
event or discussing recent campus initiatives.

Additionally, each council has a select number of Senators who represent their residence hall(s) in the general RHA assembly, otherwise known as Senate.If you are looking to get involved on both the residence hall and campus level, this position is for you! Regardless, if you have ideas you would like to see implemented in your residence hall, or simply want to make new friends, join your local hall or area council today!
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