Every year, select members from our RHA attend regional and national conferences to represent our university and to interact with student leaders from other universities across the nation. In November, CAACURH holds an annual regional conference where delegates from over 50 universities in the Central Atlantic region show off their school and Cougar pride! This conference is a wonderful opportunity to get more involved in RHA on the regional level, and both new and veteran RHA members are encouraged to attend.Did you know that Maryland RHA is actually part of something bigger? We are part of a collection of RHAs that form the Central Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (CAACURH), which is the official affiliate of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls, Inc. (NACURH).

Come February, CAACURH holds a more formal business conference called NoFrills. This conference is usually reserved for Executive Board members who pass legislation on the regional level. Schools also vie for regional awards in a process known as bidding. Anybody is welcome to join the “bid team,” and if you’re lucky, you may land a spot at NoFrills!

Last but not least is the annual national conference, NACURH! This conference is very similar to CAACURH, except schools from every region in the nation are present. During this three-day conference, delegates attend sessions where they learn about a variety of topics regarding personal leadership growth and development. This conference is also open to all members of RHA and is an incredible opportunity to meet other students from students across the nation. Additionally, delegates bid for awards on the national level, showing off their school’s recent accomplishments. Each conference is spirit-themed, so get ready to show off that Cougar Pride and Terrapin Spirit!

For more information about conferences, contact our National Communications Coordinator Val Kologrivov

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