The RHA Senate’s five standing committees discuss pertinent initiatives and develop legislative solutions that are then brought forth to the Senate floor. Each standing committees is chaired and vice-chaired by members of the RHA Senate, and is advised by senior campus administrators.

Committee Times:

Committee Day Time Location
Dining Services Advisory Board (DSAB) Wednesday  3:30-4:30 p.m. South Campus Dining Hall
Conference Room
Resident Life Advisory Team (ReLATe)   Tuesday 4-5 p.m. Annapolis Hall
3rd Floor Confrence Room
Transportation Advisory Committee  (TAC) Friday 3-4 p.m. Regents Drive Parking Garage
Meeting Room
Resident Facilities Advisory Board (ReFAB) Tuesday 4-5 p.m. South Campus Dining Hall
RHA Office

Sustainability Committee (SCOM)
Monday 4-5 p.m. 2113 Mitchell Building

Dining Services Advisory Board (DSAB): works on areas related to policies within the on-campus dining facilities. 

Some Accomplishments:
  • Creation of the Apartment Plan
  • Compostable to-go boxes
  • Input on Korean Barbeque Station
  • Input on South Campus Pasta Station
  • Resolution passed to "Explore the Quality and Acquisitioning Practices of Food Served in the Dining Halls"
  • Implementation of the green reusable takeout containers, OZZI Boxes
  • Extended hours of the Mongolian Grill on South Campus
Resident Life Advisory Team (ReLATe): works on areas related to policies within the residence halls.  

Some Accomplishments:

  • Reordering of housing priority and lottery numbers
  • Made housing applications and forms available online
  • Roommate selection process online
  • Mixed gendered housing option in on-campus apartments
  • Resolution supporting the Responsible Action Protocol (RAP)
  • Implemention of Residence Hall Rules in the "Rights and Responsibilites" handbook
  • Implementation of gender-neutral housing
  • Increase in Department of Resident Life Policies in regards to emergency preparedness
  • Input on the Strategic Housing Plan and its timeline
  • Input on differentiated housing rates
Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC): works on areas related to the transportation needs of on-campus students. 
Some Accomplishments:
  • Creation of temporary parking on South Campus
  • Input on new NextBus system
  • Input on LED bus schedule screens
  • Advocacy for creation of bike lanes
  • Advocacy for bus safety
  • Input on bus routes and introduction of new bus lines
  • Advisement on purple line
Resident Facilities Advisory Board (ReFAB): works on areas relating to the structure of the residence halls. 
Some Accomplishments:
  • Wireless internet in the lounges
  • Enhanced safety for the Cambridge community
  • Reduced the number of lounge refrigerators in high-rises
  • Exploration of the usage of landlines in residence halls
  • Increasing the amount of access points for enhanced wireless usage
  • Continued the battle for the increased quality of resources available to students

Sustainability Committee (SCOM): works on areas relating to sustainability around the campus. 

Some Accomplishments:

  • "Ban the Bottle" event to promote awareness about bottled water
  • Eliminated non-reusable plastic water bottles from Residence Hall Association meetings and events
  • Supported and participated in the Trash to Treasure donation drive
  • Organized and supported the Lose the Lights campaign
  • Input on composting in residence halls
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