What is RHA?
The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the primary student-run governing body that represents the interests of 12,500+ resident Terrapins at the University of Maryland, College Park. 

Who do we represent?   
The RHA represents all undergraduate students living on campus. The campus is divided into 15 halls or areas. Every hall/area council is composed of students that represent residents living in their areas. These councils work to represent the interests of their hall or area’s residents and build community through fun and informational events. 

Who do we work with? 
The RHA works directly with the Department of Residential Affairs, including the Departments of Resident Life, Residential Facilities, Dining Services, and Transportation, and the Office of Sustainability. RHA is the only student group that provides students with direct access to these department directors.

RHA’s Success
The RHA prides itself on its ability to effectively communicate student concerns to university administrators. Since its creation, the RHA has been working with the Residential Affairs departments to effectively advocate for change students want to see. Policies RHA has helped develop in recent years include:    

  • The opening of our newest residence hall, Prince Frederick Hall
  • The successful implementation of Gender-Neutral Housing
  • Support for sustainable composting in the residence halls
  • Implementation of Maryland as a smoke-free campus
  • Review of the Strategic Housing Plan and differentiated housing rates


The Executive Board oversees all of RHA’s activities both within the Senate and the hall/area councils, acting as mentors to other RHA members. The executive board is comprised of eight members, each of whom retains voting rights in the RHA Senate: a President, Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Student Groups and Organizations Liaison, Public Relations and Outreach Officer, Finance and Philanthropy Officer, National Communications Coordinator, and an Administrative Officer.

The Senate is the policy-making arm of RHA. It is comprised of Senators from each hall/area council, four Senators-at-Large, and the eight executive board members. Every hall/area council is apportioned the appropriate number of Senators so that each represents 250 residents. The Senate meets bimonthly to pass resolutions for or against issues relating to areas within the RHA’s jurisdiction. Each Senator also serves on one of five standing RHA committees, which meet every other week with a director of an on-campus department.

The Hall and Area Councils represent 15 on-campus locations. Each large residence hall is represented by its own hall council, while smaller residence halls, such as those on North and South Hill, are represented by community-based area councils. Councils are responsible for planning and executing fun and education programs for residents. Each council is comprised of a president, several vice presidents, and a number of Senators that represent the council’s constituents in the RHA Senate. Students can air concerns about issues within their residence halls to their councils, which can then be brought before the RHA as a whole. Click here to view hall and area council position descriptions. 

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